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Wizard Guide
Author: Gemini (Forum Link)



Way of the Wizard

skyavy.jpg My Guide, By Gemini <3. This guide is based on how I used a wiz. I have been meaning to post this guide months ago, but I never had the time to do it, so here it goes. Ever wondered how wizards level so easy? It's so simple that you might just cry.



What is a wizard? A wizard is defined as a class who uses spells, single or aoe, in order to defend,attack, or to help others. Your role in pvp is to massively kill and be annoying for your aoe's, and your role in woe is to be the precast. You can be very hard to kill if you know what you're doing, but sometimes you might get killed even if you know what you're doing. The most basic word to describe you is magical.

To start your journey - Type in @go 15, and kill cowrings till you are level 15.

How to level as a mage

When you are level 15, go back to @go 15, and kill cowrings till you are level 25. Put 10 skill points into firebolt level 10 and then proceed to ein_fild04.

In the picture as shown here, the one in purple is a giearth. The one in blue is a metaling. The one in red is a geographer. The rest of the map also has minerals and holdens, but they aren't the main monsters.

Equips needed: Just a plain 4s. rod (Drops, 40%)

Put all your stats gained from cowrings into your int and then use Level 10 Fire bolt on the metaling(in blue). It will kill it and you will gain decent exp. Kill about 10 of these, then proceed to geographers (in red). The key to gaining levels easily from these are to keep your distance and to find them alone for 2 reasons. 1. They don't kill you. 2. They don't get healed. Do this till you have a job level of 50 (Job level of 70 if you are high mage). The giearths(purple) are optional, but if you want a midgear s. for +1 dex later on, kill these for elven ears and do the midgear quest.

How to level as a wizard

Go to @go 25 and then jobchange into a wizard. Once you have done this, go back to ein_fild04 and kill geographers again with Level 10 Fire bolt. Do so till you are about level 85. Once you have accomplished so, go to yggdrasil01.

In the picture shown, this is a sapling. Now be careful around these, they tend to snap at faraway damage. To counter this, you could: A. Get a tank (Make new friends!) B. Try to get a LOT of reduct gear (Earth, Plants) C. Hit and Run

Equips needed: Any wand, A sapling hat (Sapling, 0.5%), Sandman card(Sandman, 0.5%), Silk Robe (Creamy, 5%)

To kill these, set up a fire wall, and then use fire ball against them. With a tank, you can have them hit all the saplings, so they don't attack you and you get 50% more exp. With a lot of reduct gear, just use an orlean's uniform for un-interruptable cast, so that you don't die and you can still kill them. If you hit and run, just fire ball and set up a lot of fire walls before they can catch up. Possibly quagmire too to slow them down. Do this until level 99/50 for a wizard. If a high wizard, do this till level 125.

How to level as a high wizard

If you are a 99/50 wizard, reborn and then repeat 0.2 and 0.3. If you are a high wizard, you should have done saplings till level 125.

Now, you have 2 options. Thor's Dungeon Level 3 or Abbey 03

Thor's Dungeon Level 3 Equips needed: Pasana card (Pasana, 0.5%), Silk Robe (Creamy, 5%), Jakk card (Jakk, 0.5%), Wool Scarf (Banshee, 2.50%), Any Wand + By now, you should've gotten a dex valk helm from saving Valkyrie Fragments (If not, its best you hunt 400 Fluorescent Liquids (15%) from Porcellios) and any kind of wing. Instant cast isn't needed, but just run.
thor.jpg swordman.jpg bowman.jpg

In the picture shown here, the salamander (in green) is your main exp maker. The blue one, kasa, is a bit more difficult. The guardians, the one with a bow = bow guardian, the one with a sword = sword guardian, are much harder.

For salamanders, simply Amplify Magic Power Level 10 when you see 1, and use level 10 Storm Gust, after it's frozen, use Jupitel Thunder level 10 for 2x dmg. For kasas, they have high mdef, so I recommend fighting these at 155+. Just like salamanders, Storm Gust and JT. For bow guardians and sword guardians, they can either push you back or deal high long range damage. I don't advise you fighting these without a partymate, but if you do: Quagmire the bow guardian to lessen his aspd and then walk him near a stone, SG and have him run around it. Quagmire the sword guardian to lessen his stats and keep him locked with any skill chosen. Do this till level 170.

Abbey 03 Equips needed: Orlean's Uniform(Banshee, 1%), Bathory Card (Bathory, 0.5%), Any Wand, A dex valk, any wing Instant cast or high cast is needed here or else you'll get quagmired-ed or die easy when casting.

In the picture here, the mob of 1 is a necromancer, it spawns Zombie Slaughters. To kill this, amplify magic power level 10, attract a lot, and then SG away. You'll kill a lot and get a lot of exp. In return, you'll get lich's bone wands. Don't wear ED because a lot of priests level here, so Magnus = OUCH. It may be a long and tedious task, but it's a quick way to get to level 170. I'd advise a tank if you don't have instant.

Your skills as a mage

Mg srecovery.gif Increase SP Recovery
Comments: Not bad, but not good either. This skill isn't nearly as useful as a person first glancing upon would probably think. It really doesn't help at all, and our SP recovery is already good enough as it is. Skip this completely unless you're getting High Wizard skills like Stave Crasher or Gravitational Field. And only get what is necessary for Stave and Gravity.

Mg sight.gif Sight
Comments: This is only a good skill for those who will hide in WoE and PvP battles. Even then, Heaven's Drive is usually smarter unless you're using some Wizard tricks with Ice Wall and Fire Wall. Otherwise, I don't believe you'll be finding yourself using it too much. It simply allows you to see enemies that use Hide. Another note btw, is that while using Sight, you cannot Hide using a Smokie Accessory.

Mg napalmbeat.gif Napalm Beat
Comments: Okay, this is a very weak, useless spell for the most part. It has an extremely low cast time, cast delay, and SP cost. But it is not very powerful at all, and has low range. However, people usually use it for tagging an enemy.

Mg soulstrike.gif Soul Strike
Comments: A lot of Wizards and Sages like to get this so that they have a quick spell that can deal decent damage for almost near instant casting time. This in my opinion is a complete waste of time unless you're getting it for Safety Wall. Any undead that can be hit by this will sooner be killed by Fire Wall. However, if you're not getting Saftey Wall and have leftover points, I suppose I don't see a problem with getting this.

Mg safetywall.gif Safety Wall
Comments: This is one of the most useful skills a Mage/Wizard can learn. Although most Mages do not get it at all unless they are becoming a High Wizard , mostly because it takes too many points. However, if you are going to become WoE orientated, it is advised you think about getting it.

Mg coldbolt.gif Cold Bolt
Comments: Only get it to level 5 for Storm Gust. Anymore levels are completely and utterly unneccesary.

Mg frostdiver.gif Frost Diver
Comments: A very good skill... for monsters anyways. This skill will NOT freeze boss type monsters, and in WoE, it can sometimes be a waste of time even trying to use since most people walk in with Unfrozens and Undeads anyways. There's always a war going on between whether to get this or Stone Curse. Well, that's easy... this for monsters, Stone Curse for players.

Mg stonecurse.gif Stone Curse
Comments: This is the perfect immobilizing spell for Wizards to use in WoE. It is expected to be maxed if you're going to be WoE orientated. This will basically stop them dead in their tracks unless they're using Undead armor, which is becoming more and more common in people to use. It's good even if you can't kill who's cursed, it allows for some Monks to Guillotine a person.

Mg fireball.gif Fire Ball
Comments: Absolutely and utterly useless. Only get it to level 5 if you plan on getting Fire Wall.

Mg firewall.gif Fire Wall
Comments: You can basically create a wall of fire to stop and deter enemies. It has slight knockback effect when the enemies run into it as well. There's a trick that is commonly known to all Mages and Wizards who use this skill, and that is vertical Fire Wall. It basically makes a bigger use out of your Fire Wall. This is absolutely essential to learn in order to solo as a Wizard.

Mg firebolt.gif Fire Bolt
Comments: This is definitely a necessary spell unless you're becoming a Sage or Scholar, sooooo that doesn't matter, does it? Almost every Wizard maxes this, and quite frankly, I agree. There aren't very many powerful fire spells, and the only good aoe one is very random and risky, so I would recommend maxing this spell. Each bolt does 100% MATK damage*skill level. So maxed out, it would deal out 1000% damage.

Mg lightningbolt.gif Lightning Bolt
Comments: Absolutely unneccesary for us Wizards. Get it to level 1 so you can learn Jupitel Thunder and Storm Gust. That's its only good point I'm afraid. It just gets outdone by Jupitel Thunder, later. The only reason to get it higher is level 4 for Meteor Storm or Lord of Vermilion.

Mg thunderstorm.gif Thunder Storm
Comments: A decent spell, but is outdone by Lord of Vermilion in later levels. Only get it to level 1 if you're getting Meteor Storm or Lord of Vermilion.

Mg energycoat.gif Energy Coat


Your skills as a wizard

Wz sightrasher.gif Sightrasher
Comments: This is a crummy skill to be honest. Only good for breaking Ice Walls and for knocking people away in PVP. Since knockback is disabled in WoE, there's no good use to this skill in there. This skill has no good purpose in PVM either. Only get it for Meteor Storm, and only get what's needed.

Wz firepillar.gif Fire Pillar
Comments: When tripped, the trap delivers Fire property damage equal to (50 + MATK/5)*(2+SkillLV) on a 3x3 area around the tripped cell. This damage ignores MDEF and INT. Sounds great, eh? It really isn't. Even with all the MDEF we have, it HAS to be placed on a ground, so a player has to be stupid enough to walk into it to get any decent use, and even when it does hit, it does very little damage, not enough to actually help. You can only have 5 Fire Pillars out at a time, and I personally would NOT recommend getting this skill, PVP, WoE, or not. The gemstone cost doesn't help, either. Some people have created interesting tricks though, by knocking the pillars into one cell to do heavy damage with Sight Blaster. Still... it's not worth it.

Wz meteor.gif Meteor Storm
Comments: It has a lot of uses. It's an AoE, so of course it's useful. However, of the three major Wizard AoEs, it is the least useful, as most of its good uses are no longer worthwhile, like Juperos. Some people have found it useful in Rachel Sanctuary, but other than that, its only good use is in WoE on the precast line with the other Wizards, since it stacks.

Wz jupitel.gif Jupitel Thunder
Comments: One of our strongest single targeting spells. Unfortunately, just about everyone knows that, so everyone comes in with wind protection armor just for us! Oh joy! But it's still a really good spell, PVM and PVP-wise. It's good when someone actually isn't coming in with that type of armor, and can be highly damaging in Magic Strings. Should be maxed on any Wizard really.

Wz vermilion.gif Lord of Vermillion
Comments: Eh, not very powerful, but better than Thunderstorm in all ways. Of the three major AoEs, this one has the most range of them. It's also the weakest, and has the least useful effect of the three, as well. But by all means, get it if you want. It still has a lot of uses, more than Meteor Storm does, that's for sure. It can be good for Byalan dungeon, and Ice dungeon, as well as a precast spell for WoE with the other Wizards. I don't regret getting it. It's a fun spell. Another note, it's not useful on frozen enemies unless you're trying to get the Storm Gust damage of another Wizard to reach its full effect, cause Lord of Vermilion breaks frozen enemies.

Wz waterball.gif Water Ball
Comments: This is an extremely powerful attack. Only problem is you need water. You can also only summon as many Water Balls depending on how many cells of water you have around you. One sweet thing is, you can chain them, meaning that while you're flinging water balls at the enemy, you can cast it again, then cast again while the water balls from the second cast are going. Good for WoE, but only if you have a lot of water around, or a Sage/Scholar with you, which isn't often. It's up to you to decide if it's worth getting.

Wz icewall.gif Ice Wall
Comments: This is a good skill, but has some very specific purposes. For one, it's useful for teleing monsters away. Put up a few Ice Walls, and hit a monster from behind the wall. If the monster has Teleport, it will tele away into a different part of the map. Good for getting rid of monsters you can't or don't want to fight, like MVPs. Speaking of which, most people only get level 3-5 of this skill for MVPing. It's really all you need. I have level 2, and that works just fine for me. I may not even get level 3. There's also a trapping trick you can use to stop enemies in their tracks, and then use a spell to blow them all up. You can see how it's done, here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=InHwjw3RUGc One last thing should be noted. The reason I throw those Ice Walls in the end up, is to show where the enemies can be trapped. You can only trap monsters coming at you from those directions. So, you always need to be walking north, northeast, east.

Wz frostnova.gif Frost Nova
Comments: Useless. Period. Don't even think about getting it. Where this spell would be useful, Frost Diver and Storm Gust would be 10 times better.

Wz stormgust.gif Storm Gust
Comments: This is the Wizard's greatest spell. Hands down. Wherever there's a time you need to deal great damage, this is usually the spell you will think of using, unless you're dueling someone in PVP, in which case, it won't be very useful. In WoE and PVM though, this is your greatest spell. Magma, you need Storm Gust, Kiel Hyre, you need Storm Gust, Thor's Volcano, Storm Gust, so on and so forth. You cannot be a good Wizard without it... well, I shouldn't say that. More like, you won't reach your full potential without it.

Wz earthspike.gif Earth Spike
Comments: There's a lot of debates over whether or not this is a good skill now since everyone walks in with full fire, water, and lightning resistance gear, so now people are trying to get the upper hand on others with a maxed Earth Spike. It's failing for the most part though, since a lot of people usually use Jupitel Thunder, and follow with a Fire Bolt, people usually switch from lightning resistance to fire resistance, which means that fire also takes less damage from earth spells. Not as much as earth armor, but close enough to make it as useless as Fire Bolt. Just to be safe, get only what's required for Heaven's Drive, and Quagmire, and figure out later if you want to level it up from 3-5.

Wz heavendrive.gif Heaven's Drive
Comments: Eh, so so, I guess. Most Wizards don't max it, cause it has only a 5x5 area of effect, and hits 5 times, so it's like Earth Spike with slightly more range. In fact, that's exactly what it is. It's probably best to leave it at level 1, just to reveal hidden enemies.

Wz quagmire.gif Quagmire
Comments: This is a really good skill. For ranged fighters, it can really tick them off in PVP and WoE. It's also very good for soloing and keeping monsters slow. Like it says though, only half the effect for players, so whatever it says there, cut it in half, and that's what you will reduce their DEX and AGI by. So, 25% reduction for players. Level 1 is all I wanted though, since it also debuffs speed and DEX buffs when walked into, which includes Two handed Quicken, AGI Up, etc. It works on allies and yourself in PVP and WoE areas though, so be careful.

Wz estimation.gif Monster Property
Comments: Eh, useless. You really don't need it unless you were a High Wizard getting Ganbantein. Otherwise, you really shouldn't get it.

Wz sightblaster.gif Sight Blaster


Your skills as a high wizard

Hw magicpower.gif Amplify Magic Power
Comments: This HURTS like hell when the opponent doesn't have much MDEF gear on. It makes a world of difference in damage, and should always be maxed regardless of what High Wizard you plan to make. If this isn't maxed, there is definitely something wrong with you.

Hw souldrain.gif Soul Drain
Comments: This skill... is absolutely useless to us. We never use single target spells, and even when we do, we don't need more SP. Our SP levels are fine as they are, and are already difficult to get rid. Not to mention, this skill only works on monsters, and we'll always be mobbing monsters for an AoE rather than killing them one by one with something like Fire Bolt or Jupitel Thunder.

Hw magiccrasher.gif Magic Crasher
Comments: This is a very fun skill at times. I believe most High Wizards should have it, simply because it can act as a physical attack, which means quite a lot. Which means status effect rods, double bloody double boned rods, etc. This skill has a lot of potential, and I don't think it should be skipped. It's good for tagging as well. This is one of the only skills that can target someone wearing Golden Thiefbug shield.

Hw napalmvulcan.gif Napalm Vulcan
Comments: This skill is useless damage-wise. It's only good for spreading curse around a mob of monsters. The damage is a little weird, and does not work like bolt skills. Each attack is sperate, so it's five hits instead of how bolts, regardless of level, count as 1 hit. It's up to you to decide if it would be useful or not. It'd only be a good WoE skill on the precast line to curse incoming enemies.

Hw ganbantein.gif Ganbantein
Comments: Good for WoE builds. There a Sage or Scholar around? Break their freaking Magnetic Earth and watch faces turn upside down. Unfortunately, the cast delay behind this skill can hinder you greatly, so try to use it in Magic Strings if you can. Otherwise, this skill is pretty useless in PVM, since just about every monster using AoE spells use Wizard spells, and it'd only be good for MVP Magnetic Earths.

Hw gravitation.gif Gravitation Field


Types of builds

Builds - Pvper - SG people for your team, JT with deadly damage, high in damage. You can stone curse your enemies to stop them and you can negate strong attacks like Asura Strike with safety wall. Your team will really appreciate you for massive kills.

Woe caster - You need to live long to destroy plants as well as disabling enemy defenses if you're on the attack side. If you're on the defensive side, precast to remvoe a large group of people from attacking your guild's emp.

Hunter - This class has the most massive AoE spells, meaning you can kill more, meaning you will get more when you hunt. This makes hunting MUCH easier and it'll reduce time. Forget about buying all your supplies, hunt it all away!

Status Effect - Magic crasher afflicts damage depending on your weapon and it can also inflict status effects in order to make your enemy more vulnerable, doing so will put them at an easier level to kill.

Basic stats -


Str: 10~30, Get some to keep your pvp supplies and maintaining weight so you don't die by being overweight
Agi: Get a decent amount for JT spamming or other skills, it'll be helpful
Vit: Well you want hp of course so get about 70~100 for defense, hp, in order to live
Int: Get a bonus, DO NOT GET STRAIGHT 150, you'll need it for higher dmg
Dex: Get as much as you can along w/ instant cast items (Fairy Wings, Box of Gloom, Dex food, Bless, etc.)
Luk: Always keep at 0, not very needed unless you want to whack with a dagger of counter for fun

Woe Caster:

Str: Get about 40 ish in order to carry all your woe supplies to live longer
Agi: Get a decent amount in order to lock enemies from coming closer to you w/ JT
Vit: 80~105, at least 25k hp is what I say in order to live
Int: A bonus that is high, dont make it 150, needed to maintain strong precast
Dex: Enough for instant cast
Luk: 0


Str: 60 ish to carry everything you hunt
Agi: If you find the AoE's doing little damage, you'll want to single target the monsters. Get agi to hit faster
Vit: 50~80, you won't die easily from monsters and you have @go (town)
Int: Get the NEAREST bonus from max int, in order to kill faster
Dex: Straight 150 dex for cast time/less time going to town for dex buffs
Luk: 0

Status Effects:

Str: Optional if wanted to kill the enemy by this
Agi: High to spam faster
Vit: High 120's~130's to live
Int: Nearest bonus after 100 for dmg
Dex: 130~150, you want to hit the enemy
Luk: 0



The most basic equips you can want are getting instant cast and yet, dealing decent damage. (No mvp cards,sub mvps in here)
Upper Headgear - Dex Valk is a must, Gibbet Card (Mdef is win.)
Mid Headgear - Any midgear s. w/ +1 all stats, Gibbet Card
Lower Headgear - Bee Wings - Gibbet Card/Elemental Wings/Angel Wings/Fairy Wings/Frozen Wings (To survive/do more dmg)
Armor - Silk Robe w/ a marc (Mdef, never get frozen against other magic classes)
Weapon - Combat knife or 4x drops Rod 4s. (Living/Instant cast)
Shield - Valk Shield w/ Thara frog (Demi Reduct)
Garment - Wool Scarf (2), one w/ Noxious, another with any elemental resist you wish (Reducts)
Shoes - Tidal Shoes w/ Green Ferus (Hp)
Accessories - Get 2 Orlean Gloves w/ Zerom Cards (Instant cast)
Etc - Red gemstones to stone curse, Blue gemstones for safety wall, Yellow Gemstone w/ Blue Gemstone for Ganbantein, Box of Glooms, Level 3 Dex food, Berserk Potion

For other builds, consider using less items in the "item" and "etc" box in order to maintain weight, have a status dagger (I.E. Marina cards, poison knife), and healing items. These equips are based what I'd use.

What to do against your enemy

LK - They don't have the highest of mdef since they have high hp, simply spam JT or stone curse them and do whatever skills you choose to simply kill them.
Main tactics: Charge attack, Bowling Bash, Berserk, Spear Boomerang

Paladin - They want to use sacrifice on you. Stand your ground, safety wall, and push them back with SG/JT/lock em w/ Stone Curse
Main tactics: Pressure, Sacrifice

Snipers - Try not to let them get too far or else the range will kill you, if so, use anodynes for endure. They also have low mdef, so JT's or a few AoE's can kill em.
Main tactics: Long range, Double Strafe

Gypsies/Clowns - Ouchie Arrow Vulcan/Tarot - Get range resist and make sure they're out of your reach. AV has a lower range than sniper range. Knockback with SG/JT. Lower their stats w/ Quagmire. Main tactics: Arrow Vulcan, Tarot Card of Fate

Priests - They can heal if you don't kill them fast enough. Use stone curse and then strike away. Main tactics: Heal, Assumptio, Decrease Agility

Champions - Quagmire to lower stats, SW in case of asura, if they body relocate, use SG incase they run into it or Meteor Storm to stun them, then go in for the kill. Main tactics: Asura, TSS

SinX - They don't have a lot of mdef, but if they do, just keep them as far away as possible. Use heavens drive to detect them and then SW incase they pull out something sneaky. Then go in for the kill. Main tactics: Enchant Deadly Poison, Soul Breaker, Venom Dust

Stalkers - Again, use heavens drive to detect them. If they're a sacrifice stalker, use SW. Quagmire them so they don't use other skills. Don't let them strip you, so knock them back and kill them. Main tactics: Using plagiarized skill, full strip

Whitesmith - They don't have long range, but they do have tomahawk. Don't get your stuff broken, but bring extra armors/weapons in case. If they're coma, swap on a bathory and SW yourself. Just don't let them get near.
Main tactics: Coma, Cart Termination

Creators - They can hide in their plants or use marine spheres on you. Don't get a lot of vit and get high range resist to counter Acid Demonstration. Freeze their plants w/ SG and SW in case they use summon marine sphere. If they use demonstration/acid terror, get mad and kill them ferociously w/ Stone curse to stop them from healing and then whatever skill.
Main tactics: Bio Cannibalize, Acid Demonstration, Acid Terror, Homunculus, Marine Spheres

High Wizards - Quagmire to lower their cast and then just spam a skill before they can cast.
Main tactics: Quagmire, Storm Gust, Jupitel Thunder

Professors - If they use magic rod and LP, stone curse them, then knock them back, then use an AoE, then go straight for the kill.
Main tactics: Magic Rod, Land Protector, Fire Bolt, Soul Burn

Star Gladiators - They'll keep jumping to you so use SG to knock them away then JT!
Main tactics: Stealing your sp

Soul Linkers - They'll spam kaite so stone curse them, then use heavens drive level 1 to take it away, then spam JT.
Main tactics:: Kaite, Kaizel, Estun, Esma

Ninja - They'll hide so spam HD and then whatever skill you choose.
Main tactics: Hide, Magic skill of choice, Final Strike

Gunslingers - Don't let them get too far, use quagmire, then go in for the kill.
Main tactics: Hide, tracking, long range attack


Websites to use

http://www.essence-ro.com to find out server customizations

Alternatives - Instead of saplings, you can try going to ice_dun03. Kill ice titans since they have the most hp and avoid gazetis since they can interrupt your cast. Equips - Any Wand, Marc card (Marc, 0.5%), Orleans Uniform (Banshee, 1%) These are as equivalent as skelings, so you can level pretty fast here. JT away!

Hope you enjoyed my guide!