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HOW2WS: A Semi-Comprehensive Guide


A Little Bit About Whitesmiths

Whitesmiths are, in my opinion, a really under-rated class in EssenceRO. I feel like this is because, in the general opinion, Whitesmiths have two builds in High Speed Cart Ram (Cart Termination) and swinging a Guillotine around. While this is SORT OF TRUE, I feel that with a little creativity and the right gear set of course, a Whitesmith can shine in the PvP and WoE areas, win Deathmatches back-to-back and generally get the recognition they deserve.

Gearing a smith can be anywhere from about a few hours' worth of work to hell on Rune-Midgard; it's all dependent on how much you far you want to go past the average whitesmith. For example, with the most basic of gear and really any axe, an ASPD smith with Melt Down can hit-lock a sniper after breaking their bow (provided they actually REACH them first) but pretty much any other class will put them on their back. But if you have a collection of diverse armors and weapons you can adapt to really any situation that might present itself and come out on top. I'll get into this part later on.

The most important thing to know about a Whitesmith though, is to KEEP MOVING AROUND. Some classes can afford to just sit there in PvP and not worry about a sudden, untimely death but unless you're stacking some very heavy resist, you don't get this luxury. Keep on your toes and watch for random Asura Strikes.

Whitesmith Skills And Why You Need Them

(I shouldn't need to say this but Battle Mode is your bff. This is also assuming you maxed out all of your High Merchant skills before job changing, in which case you haven't SHAME ON YOU.)

Hilt Binding: It might not seem like much but that little boost to buff duration can come in handy.

Skin Tempering: A lot.. A WHOLE LOT of Professors and even more Super Novices rely on fire based skills, so you want that fire resist. And Nuetral resist is never not good to have. Max this skill.

Repair Weapon: Don't fool yourself into thinking gears won't break. If you use Over-Thrust/Maximum Over-Thrust or just are a fan of Whitesmith duels, you want this skill.

Maximum Over Thrust: The zeny costs can stack up over time, but it's negligible if you're a fan of ASPD. KEEP IN MIND THIS CAN BREAK YOUR AXE; use with Orcish Axe[4]s for best effect. Not for use with Guillotines.

Adrenaline Rush: If you an axe, ANY AXE AT ALL, you want to max this skill. It can very easily help you max your ASPD, plus it lets you use Full Adren. Rush when linked which is slang for "Time To Be A Jerk."

Melt Down: Possibly the main reason no one likes to get into melee fights with Whitesmiths. Maxing is recommended but if you're not Job Lv. 90 yet Melt Down Lv. 5 is okay.

Cart Boost: Gets you out of some sticky situations and opens the door for Cart Termination. You want this.

Maximize Power: Don't get this unless you are intending to max it, but if you max it enjoy your solid damage. Also it doesn't run out and 1SP/5sec is not even noticeable.

Hammer Fall: Stuns enemies fairly decently, letting you do what you will with them. When used with a Maya Purple, it's great for pissing off Stalkers and Assassins.

Weapon Perfection: If you're fighting a mounted class, you want to use this. Otherwise it's dependent on what weapon you're using (some tools will deal more damage without this buff than with it).

Cart Termination: When used with finesse, easily one of the most powerful player skills. Bypasses just about everything but Safety Wall and is capable of dealing 10K+ damage at ASPD. Max the hell out of this.

Basic Builds And What They Do

Standard ASPD Build (a.k.a Coma Build)

This build is very much point-and-click. I personally don't like it but it serves a decent purpose in, say, Battlegrounds or some WoE Situations.

Stat Spread:

High DEX (130+)
High-to-Max AGI (135+)
Medium VIT (120+)
Dump the rest into STR.

Recommended Gears:

Upper Head: Baphomet Horns, eRO Deathmatch Master, DEX or ASPD+ Valkyrie Helm
Normal Cards: Gemini-S58, Leaf Cat/Giant Hornet/Leib Olmai/, Nightmare, Stalactite Golem, Vanberk
MVP Cards: Orc Hero, Cthulhu, Lord Knight

Middle Head: Dragon Wing Ears
Normal Cards: See Upper
MVP Cards: See Uppper

Lower Head Gear: Tiamat Wings, Dragon Wings, Angel Wings

Armor: Gandora, Valk Armor, Spiritual Tunic, Padded Armor(?), Elemental Armors
Normal Cards: Marc, Bathory, Evil Druid, Cornutus (if you're afraid of them breaking)
MVP Cards: Ghostring, Angeling

Shield: Valk Shield, Gilded Buckler, Thorn Shield, Evolved Thorn Shield, Strong Shield
Normal Cards: Seeker, Thara Frog, Horn, Hodremlin(?)
MVP Cards: Orc Lord, Maya

Weapon: Guillotine, Orcish Axe[4], +5 or higher Hurricane's Fury, Windhawk
Normal Cards: Hydra, Skeleton Worker, Status Inflicting Cards, Cecil Damon
MVP Cards: Lord of Death, Baphomet, Doppelganger, Atroce

Garment: Valkyrie Manteau, Diablos Manteau, Skin of Ventus, Crest of Rider
Normal Cards: Raydric, Noxious, 30% Element Resist Cards, Baphomet Jr.
MVP Cards: Deviling

Footgear: Enhanced Shackles, Dance Shoes, Variant Shoes, Black Leather Boots
Normal Cards: Verit, Matyr, Green Ferus
MVP Cards: RSX, Assassin Cross, Moonlight Flower

Accessories: Collector's Edition Book, Merchant Figure, Gauntlet of Hit[1], Horn of the Buffalo
Normal Cards: Zerom, Whikebine Tres, Smokie, Marine Sphere, Horong
MVP Cards: Osiris(?)


Cart Boost, run into an enemy, hack them into pieces. Rinse, lather, repeat. Avoid Champs unless you're stacking all the ASPD. ALL OF IT.

Standard Cart Termination Build

This is the build you want to go for if you have a full cart and balls the size of two small moons. My personal favorite build by far but your mileage may vary.

Stat Spread:

Medium DEX (90+)
Medium AGI (80+)
High VIT (120+)
High STR (130+)
Low INT (40+)
Distribute the rest as you see fit.

Gear Spread:

Upper Head: Baphomet Horns, eRO Deathmatch Master, DEX Valkyrie Helm
Normal Cards: Gemini-S58, Leaf Cat/Giant Hornet/Leib Olmai/, Nightmare, Stalactite Golem, Vanberk
MVP Cards: Orc Hero, Cthulhu, Pharaoh, Maya Purple

Middle Head: Dragon Wing Ears, any +1 All Stats Midgear, Angel of Ghost
Normal Cards: See Upper
MVP Cards: See Upper

Lower Head Gear: Dragon Wings, Angel Wings, Elemental Wings

Weapon: Combat Knife, Refined Combat Knife, Orcish Axe[4], +10 Hurricane Fury, Ice Pick, Ice Pick[1]
Normal Cards: Golem, Andre, Zipper Bear, Harword Alt-Eisen
MVP Cards: Doppelganger, Drake

Armor: Valk Armor, SLOTTED Elemental Armors (Earth recommended), Spiritual Tunic, Gilded Cuirass
Normal Cards: Marc, Evil Druid, Bathory (Gilded only)
MVP Cards: Garm, Ghostring, Angeling

Shield: Valk Shield, Gilded Buckler, Evolved Thorn Shield, Strong Shield
Normal Cards: Seeker, Thara Frog, Horn, Hodremlin(?)
MVP Cards: Orc Lord, Maya

Garment: Valkyrie Manteau, Diablos Manteau, Skin of Ventus, Crest of Rider
Normal Cards: Raydric, Noxious, 30% Element Resist Cards, Baphomet Jr.
MVP Cards: Deviling

Footgear: Diablos Boots, Variant Shoes, Enhanced Shackles, Tidal Shoes(?), Refined Bloodied Shackle Ball
Normal Cards: Verit, Matyr
MVP Cards: General Ygnizem, Moonlight Flower

Accessory: Collector's Edition Book, Foot Ring, Gauntlet of Hit[1]
Normal Cards: Horong, Marine Sphere, Smokie
MVP Cards: Osiris(?)


Keep all buffs active at all time (Melt Down is kinda optional, depends on if you can spare the SP for it). Cart Boost must be up at all times! Really it's the same as ASPD build, instead you want @nomelee on. Pick a target and fly right into their face. Bring Cursed Waters to get around that Pesky Neutral Resist or if you can spare the zeny, Elemental Converters (I prefer Water or Earth). Your ASPD might not be very high so if you feel like you need to don't be afraid to use some Boxes of Gloom to boost it up OR Boxes of Thunder to get away.


This is a strange one and a... conditionally effective one. Basically you'll want the same gearset as the Cart Termination Build, only with a FEW tweaks. I myself wouldn't use this build unless they released a card that allowed the use of Lv. 10 Safety Wall but whatever, here it is.

Stat Spread: Very High STR (140+)
Very High DEX (140+)
Medium VIT (80+)
Rest goes into AGI.

Weapon: Berchel Axe, Orcish Axe[4]
Normal Cards: Hydra, Skeleton Worker, Zipper Bear, Status Inflicting Cards (Orcish Axe only)
MVP Cards: Doppelganger, Lord of Death


Uh.. Mammonite to death, I guess. Boy, Whitesmith sure is a simple class!

PvP on MvP Maps

I'll update this one later. Suffice it to say, you want a Secular Mission here and LOTS of Range Resist since everyone uses a Sniper/GS while the MvP goes after a Steel Body champ. I miss Star Gladiators.

Class Warfare: A How-To


Dead: 0 to 20%. Don't bother. Low: 20% to 40%. You MIGHT win this. But don't count on it. Medium: 50%. Maybe, maybe not. Decent: 60% to 70%. You have a pretty good chance of winning this but keep on your guard. High: 70% to 99%. Unless ou have a severe lapse in judgment, you're going to come out of this a little hurt, but victorious nonetheless. 100%: 100%. IN THIS GAME, YOU ARE THE STAR. IT'S YOU.

Lord Knights

ASPD: Going to be honest here, you don't stand much of a chance. Their Bowling Bash knocks you back and delays your onslaught, Parrying is worse, and just in general they'll massively outdamage you. If you can get a lucky break on their weapon using a Guillotine the tide MIGHT turn in your favor but I wouldn't count on it. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.

CT: Surprisingly enough, a lot of "average" Lord Knights WILL stun for a few seconds, buying you precious time to slam your cart over their head again. Keep using healing items to keep up with their damage over you (if you're a resist-type, this will be easy) and eventually they'll be forced to Berserk which makes them EASIER to stun or, if you feel like being an asshole, just Hide and laugh. They can't use Sight to bring you out. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium to High.

Mammo: You're not serious, are you? SURVIVAL CHANCE: Dead.


ASPD: Good luck! The two things you can break won't do you a lot of good here, since Paladins will either beat you senseless with their shield or Sacrifice you clean to death. Their shield skills will give you a portion of what you give back or just block it outright, and Shrink will knock you back and delay your attack. Hope for a lucky coma, but don't pick a fight if you can help it. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.

CT: BEHOLD, THE KEY TO EASY DEATHMATCH POINTS! Your Cart Termination will blow right past their shield skills and knock the fear of God right into them. If you stack Neutral Resist expect their Sacrifices to hit you for 3-6K and Shield Chain to do even less. Use an Elemental Converter and an Ice Pick and just have you some lols! I've gotten hits of 20K+ on some! Pressure might be a problem but you can use royal jellies or blue potions to clear that right up. CT smiths are the natural enemy to Paladins and you can happily show them why. SURVIVAL CHANCE: High to 100%.

Mammo: I'm.. not sure how to feel about this. Maybe? Depends on your resists. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Medium.


ASPD: This is a toss-up really. If you're using a Strong Shield with a Horn they can't knock you back and 80% of the snipers on the server don't use an unbreakable bow. Stack as much ranged as you can while keeping your 193 and try to break their weapon. Use Status Armor if you can to freeze or stun them. If you get in, you're pretty much going to win. If not.. oh well. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium.

CT: If you're a glass cannon, I wouldn't pick a fight with most Snipers. They can probably outdamage you unless you get a lucky stun in. If you stun them you can win. If you're observant, you can probably guess what kind of arrow they're using and resist that so resist builds have a higher chance of getting in. You won't have the chance to break their bow unless you spam Mammonite first so really it depends on the damage. If you're getting skewered CT. If you can take the hits, try to break with Mammonite. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium.

Mammo: Mammonite CAN hurt pretty badly as well as inflict statuses and break armor. Really you have about a good a chance as any other build (maybe less than ASPD.) SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Medium.


ASPD: BREAK THAT WEAPON. Arrow Vulcan is mean and Slow Grace is meaner. But if you snap that weapon, they can't do anything but Tarot Card you and hope for... something. If they're Linked you'll have less of a survival chance but the same rule applies. No weapon, no problem. SURVIVAL CHANCE: IRL Luck Dependent.

CT: A lot of PvP Clowns/Gypsies stack VIT so it'll be hard to stun them. Try to bust their stuff with Mammonite and if that fails just keep piling on the damage. A Horn Strong Shield cain come in handy if they're using a pushback weapon. If they're Linked, you might not come out of this alive. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to IRL Luck Dependent.

Mammo: um. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Probably Low.

High Wizards

ASPD: Put on your status axe and get to work! Wizards are very squishy and good concentrated fire will mess them up. Not many have insta-cast and 193ASPD might mean they never get to pop off that Storm Gust at all. Watch out for Quagmire, though. If they use Safety Wall they're very likely to get a good hit- a Strong Shield with Thara Frog will be your best bet. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium to Decent.

CT: Hm. You're going to take a LOT of Jupitels to the face and even more Storm Gusts. Grab water resist and an unfrozen Earth Armor and see if you can last it out. If you get Storm Gusted into them, you can get some good CTs in. If they have Safety Wall on them, then whoops here's your butt. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Medium.

Mammo: Oh lol. If you see them put up a Safety Wall, grab an Orcish with some Zipper Bears, a Strong Shield and resists and watch the fun. This is one of those classes where a Mammonite build might be more beneficial to the others. Be wary of Jupitels and Storm Gusts and shoot for the stars, champ. Elemental Resist Potions help. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium.


ASPD: You have less a chance here than against High Wizards but don't give up hope. Throw on some Wind Armor and maybe a Jakk Card and you're going to outlive about 80% of the professors here. Unlike Wizards they CAN'T knock you back but they CAN dispel you. If your natural, unbuffed ASPD is good (190+) you're still going to get them. Don't let them know you're using Wind Armor, though; Heaven's Drive hurts. Safety Wall will mean they get a bolt set on you. Outpot it. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Decent.

CT: Wall of Fog will annoy the dog piss out of you but brave through it. You'll likely be stacking more resists than the ASPD build so you'll take even less damage. Dispel, however, means you'll take a precious few seconds to rebuff and thus, you'll take a bolt to the head most likely. You might not DIE, but your chance of killing THEM is pretty low. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Decent, but so is theirs.

Mammo: Got resists? Fire away! Wall of Fog will annoy you but don't let it get you down; you can still Mammonite pretty hard without buffs. Bring some Cursed Water though, since profs love to stack resists. Evil Druid will go a long way. If you can take the hits, you're going to win, most likely. Glass cannons, don't try. Srsly. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Decent.

High Priests

ASPD: Uh, maybe. They'll more than likely outheal your damage but if you can status or coma them, you're going to win most likely. A gilded Buckler will go a long way, as will a Cornus Card in your armor. In the case of coma priests, break their book and just lol away, champ. You've earned it. Kyrie Eleison and Safety wall are annoying but unless they're linked, who cares? SURVIVAL CHANCE: Decent to High.

CT: Unlike ASPDers who can just shrug it off, Priest skills WILL piss you off. Between Decrease AGI and Kyrie (if that works against CT, I think it does) and Safety Wall, you're most likely not going to kill them. And good Holy Light Priests will get you before you can get them back. I really wouldn't try unless you're wearing an Angeling. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to 100% (depends on if they're actually fighting back).

Mammonite: Unless Kyrie can block Mammonite, you're gonna have a good time here. Let them debuff you, your ASPD should still be able to compensate enough to knock them into next week unless they're Holy Light build; Berchel Axes are 1H, so put on your resists and see what happens, I guess. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium.


ASPD: Asura Strike champs are annoying, but if they lack insta-cast and you have great ASPD you'll get them. TSS champs will be a bit more bothersome. All in all, not good odds in your favor. I'd say aim for a lucky coma, but you know. Blade Stop. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.

CT: Roll over and die. Decrease Agi will roughly equate to "here's an Asura Strike to the face" and if you get close they can just snap away and mess with you. Just like you're the natural enemy to Paladins, these guys are your natural enemy. Don't pick a fight with them. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Dead.

Mammonite: About the same as CT in that they'll just snap away from you. At least you won't be COMPLETELY disabled like CT builds? SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to dead.

Assassin Crosses

ASPD: Boxes of Thunder and Hammer Fall will play key roles here. ASPD builds on average can't take as many hits as the others, so you'll go down a lot faster especially if they use Enchant Deadly Poison. The odds aren't in your favor but if you break their weapons you'll have a LOT better of a chance. SURVIVAL RATE: Low to Medium.

CT: As far as resist builds go, you probably won't die unless you're up against someone with MVP cards. Assassins are SQUISHY. An average CT will do 6 to 9K and these guys stun like it's going out of style. If you have Maya Purple, you pretty much win. Otherwise, go for boxes of thunder and KEEP MOVING AROUND. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium to High.

Mammo: Bring some stun or silence cards to the fight and maybe. Otherwise, don't pick a fight (good joke, since assassins and Champs are the ones that like to pick fights the most.) SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.


ASPD: Ugh. Ask a Creator friend for FCP, don't let them know you have it, and hack away. Magic Bullet Stalkers will probably wipe you, as will any bow class. Mist Slash builds will hurt but if you can coma or stun them you got this. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Medium.

CT: Glass Cannon builds, roll over and accept your fate. Resist Builds you have a good chance. The funny thing about Cart Termination is, you don't really need equips to hurt. They HELP, a LOT but they're not NECCESSARY, if you get my drift. Unless you get Full Divested on the first go, you're going to stun them or at least make them run away. Be patient, keep potting, and the battle will be yours. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Decent.

Mammonite: I can't really say but I wouldn't put my bets on them. SURVIVAL CHANCE: IRL Luck Dependent I guess.


ASPD: FCP and you win. Orcish Axe, good VIT and Evil Gilded? You win. If you both have these? All comes down to DPS. You have a slight advantage over CT smiths if they can be coma'd. SURVIAL CHANCE: IRL Luck Dependent.

CT: Against ASPD smiths, watch your back. They're 90% likely trying to coma you. Slap on an Evil Gilded and make with the pretty Cart Terminating. Whitesmith battles in general are pretty stupid. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium.

Mammo: ASPD and CT builds will get you unless you break their gear. This is the weakest build against other Whitesmiths. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Medium.


ASPD: If you can get through their plants, then maybe. Acid Demonstration hurts, there's no doubt about that and the Caprice skill that Vanilmirths have will likely put you into their grave. They have FCP so, well, good luck and hope for a coma. Marine Spheres will blow you up most likely. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.

CT: This is a toss-up. Glass Cannons will get blown away unless they get the jump, but Resist builds will shine (with some difficulty.) Acid Demonstration and Caprice when used in conjunction, spell disaster so take the jelly out first. Acid Demonstration hits me in resist build for 6K max and that's pretty easily outpotioned. Take out the slime and don't let them put plants down. Also, CT can greatly reduce the damage Marine Spheres do to you. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Decent.

Mammonite: Same as CT. Melt the jelly, start slapping the creator around, don't let him plant. Marine Spheres might be a threat. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Medium.


ASPD: Not looking good. PD builds will irritate you to no end and Piercing Shot HURTS. Break their weapon and you win. Otherwise, hope for stun, silence, or a coma. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.

CT: If you can resist them, your chances are good. Lots and lots of GS default holy-element bullets, which are hard as hell to resist against so try your luck with a Horn + Gilded Buckler. Elemental Wings used to reduce Holy, which was SO, AWESOME!! But now they don't. Good luck. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Medium.

Mammo: Bring some Stun or Silence to the party, or just break their weapons. You're likely to have a bit more resist than ASPD but... SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.


ASPD: Prepare for an ANNOYING fight. Cast-Off will be your bane and unless you're using Sight, if you back them into a corner then they'll just hide and jump over you. Kunais hurt, Final Strike WILL kill you, overall it's just not a good battle. Use your Thorny Shield and take them down with you for a good chuckle. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.

CT: Magic Ninjas can only use the four normal elements that are easy as hell to resist. Kunais can use those or Poison, which Evil Druid just about negates. Throw Zeny is neutral, which is EASIER to resist. Also, range resist. Cart Termination ignores Cast-Off and Illusionary Shadow takes too long to really be annoying. Keep sight up at all times and knock the hell out of them. You got this. SURVIVAL CHANCE: High to 100%.

Mammonite: Don't try. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Dead to Low.

Soul Linkers

ASPD: Eswoo will annoy you and Estin will push you back (but you don't see that too often). Estun... stuns, and Esma is pure pain. Unless you get the drop on them you're not going to walk away without a scratch, if at all. If you can, Silence or Stun them. Status good, DPS is Kaahi'd. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.

CT: Glass Cannons, don't pick a fight. Resists, think about it before you do. SLs default Holy 9 times out of 10, get two 100% dodges, Break Fall, and that's hard to deal with. Put a Cornus in a Valk Armor and you'll maybe get to them. Eswoo win't make that easy for you though. Still, you have a better chance than ASPDers because of your resists (expect Esma to do about 6-10K). SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low to Medium.

Mammo: Don't know. I'd imagine not, though. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Low.

Star Gladiators

ASPD: OH YES, THE GREAT ASPD BATTLE. You can break their book and coma them, but their damage is high. Miracle USED to be a threat but with the recent nerf don't expect to see it. Union will wind up hurting them more than you, but really it depends on your resistance to whatever they can kick at you. The odds look good though. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium to Decent.

CT: Don't try to break their book, your ASPD isn't high enough for that. keep smashing your cart away and see what happens. Star Gladiators are not very sturdy and stun easy. Unless MVP cards are at play, you have it made. Look out for Warmth, though. No one likes SP drain so make it quick. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Decent to High.

Mammonite: Bring some status cards to the fight as usual. If your ASPD is up to the task, you'll come out okay. Star Glads were crippled by the Miracle nerf. SURVIVAL CHANCE: Medium to Decent.

End Notes

Whitesmiths are almost PURELY a melee class. The only range you get is with Tomahawk and that will likely get you killed. Glass Cannons fare off good against some classes, and resists build fare well against others. It's easy to create a hybrid build of all three builds but you lose a little something from all three so really it's your call. I personally play defensively and offensive Whitesmiths can beat me but that's the roll of the dice for you. Keep moving, stay strong and most importantly, have fun! (...and stay away from Champions).