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The Travelling Merchant are eRO exclusive NPCs that sells items available only from them.


The Travelling Merchant are a number of a specially scripted NPCs in which each NPC, as the name implies, "travels" in various towns. An NPC is present in one town, usually in a concealed place. Whenever the clock strikes at the top of the hour (e.g. 12:00, 1:00, etc...), the NPC "hides" while another NPC in another town "unhides" for one hour and continues this process, making it appear to be actually travelling.

Buying from the Merchant

The merchant does not share the same options from other vending NPCs. Instead, the NPC will randomly select an item he sells then asks if the player would want to buy it. An input window will then appear. If the player inputs a number other than 0, the NPC will check if the player can afford the price, then sells the player the item(s). If the player inputs 0, the deal will be cancelled. Once an item is bought from the NPC, the player will not be able to buy any more items from him for 24 hours. This restriction is shared through all the characters in that account.

The items he tries to sell are always random. However, it is possible to change the items he tries to sell by cancelling the deal many times until a desired item appears.


Items available through him alone are listed below along with the price:

Item Price Description
Gender Potion 5,000,000z Changes gender of all characters in the account
Stealth Potion 1,500,000z Turns the character semi-invisible for a few seconds
Mini Potion 750,000z Makes the character sprite small until respawn or re-log on
Maxi Potion 750,000z Makes the character sprite large until respawn or re-log on