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Sniper Guide

For the 170s.

By: Super Scope

Major Update: 10/22/09

Minor Update: 01/03/2010

Major Update: 7/24/2011


Useful Links

Archer Class Change Log

Leveling Sniper Guide

Sniper PvP Strategies


I. Introduction

I love Snipers. They are really good for farming, and very good for defensive PVP strategies. They can deal moderate DPS at max ASPD while causing a variety of statuses from Sleep all the way to Poison. They can immoblize, drain SP, and overall just be really, REALLY annoying. : D

If you're new and looking for a quick start here on EssenceRo, then the Hunter class is what you want. If you're looking for a class to dominate in PvP / WoE, or if you're not a fan of the Hunter class, then choose another class. It will only cause you a lot of frustration.

There are a couple builds to choose from: Hybrid DS, Critical ASPD, and FA/Trapper. This isn't going to show you how to play, but what to play with. Though no matter what build you choose make use of your traps. Traps are essential to Snipers all together. If you don't use traps you'll have a hard time with PvP.

Always aim for high upgraded gear! Being a good farmer class, it won't be difficult to hunt down gear and upgrade like crazy. Come on +10, come on! D:

       Remember guys, this is a guide. It's here to help, but it's not absolute. There are always better ways to do things.

II. Key Skills

[Battle Mode is a must.]

Attention Concentrate / True Sight [Boosts Stats]

Wind Walk [Boosts Movement speed and flee]

First Aid [For a quick cheap heal]

Double Straffe [DPS]

Arrow Shower [Move traps and Uncloak Chase Walk] [Traps cannot be moved in WoE]

Phantasmic Arrow [Knockback + Pierces through Pneuma; Does not consume ammo.][Not for WoE use]

Sharp Shooting [Mainly for WoE; Used in combination with Status arrows against mobs] [Example: Sharp Shooting with Cursed arrows to curse multiple players and slow down guilds.]

Detect [Uncloak / Unhide; Reveals hidden traps]

Spring Trap [Destroy Traps]

Remove Trap [Removes your own traps and any Ankle Snare you or your teammate is caught in.]

Falcon Assult [Best use is for players in Pneuma]

Ankle Snare [Obvious]

Shockwave [Two of these will do the trick against someone]

Sandman [Causes sleep; Great for Emperium defense]

Land Mine [Great damage; Chance to stun; Earth property attack]

Blast Mine [Combo with Freeze status for Very good damage; Wind property attack]

Claymore [Great for destroying Plants in a precast; Fire property attack]

III. Sniper Builds

Recommended: Pure DPS

This build is for pure damage dealing.


High DEX Mid AGI Mid VIT Dump rest into a mix of STR and LUK


Top Head Gear: Baphomet Horns

Mid Head Gear: Dragon Wing Ears Card: 10% cards are always a plus

Lower Head Gear: Tiamat Wings

Armor: Sniping Suit [1] Cards: Marc, Ghostring

Weapon: Bow of Evil [2] Cards: x2 Hydra

Arrows: Holy Arrow, Rusty Arrow

Garment: Valkyrie Manteau, Diablos Manteau, Skin of Ventus Cards: Raydric, 30% Element Resist cards

Footgear: Enhanced Shackles [+30 ATK]

Accessories: Two Bow Thimble [1]'s Cards: Zerom card, Smokie card

Recommended: Sharp Shooting / Emperium Break

Sharp Shooting and Emperium Break combo build. Key is to build up a decent crit rate along with high damage. The pros to this is, again, strong DPS, and being able to break an Emperium from a distance. Cons to this are low resists and reliant on SP items.

How to stat

Basically you would want something like this: High DEX Low~Medium AGI Medium VIT Medium LUK Low STR Low INT

Notice the low~medium AGI. Max ASPD relies heavily on self buffs, bless + agi, awake potion and possibly some AGI food. Max ASPD isn't necessary, but it's needed for successfully breaking emperiums.

The key to gearing lies in high damage mods and critical rate boosts. You'll want gear such as Red Butterfly wings, and sharp arrows. Sharp arrows are neutral, so use element endows like a Priests Aesperio for Holy, or a Cursed Water for Shadow (For emp breaking). The higher your critical rate is the more often Sharp Shooting will Crit. It wouldn't hurt to wear a vanberk card either.

Inefficient: Hybrid

The most diverse build is the build commonly known as the Hybrid. The Hybrid build is referred as such by the use of attacking with, but not limited to, Double Straffe and use of Traps. The best part of this build is that it easily makes great use of ALL of your skills as there is a skill for potentially every situation. The biggest drawback is not having a shield with a potential Thara Frog Card. This will instantly put you at a 30% disadvantage to the majority of other players. Though creative use of your skills and gear can make up for that. Low weight limit is also a minus so carry ONLY the essentials.


High DEX(if not max) High AGI for max ASPD Mid ~ High Vit Dump rest into STR for carrying supplies

Suggested Gear: Gearing up is really tricky. With such low weight, it will be difficult to hold gears to switch around. It's best to have two quick sets, Resistance / HP and MDEF. The gear shown here is combo'd so you can switch stuff around without losing out on any of your damage. Note the dex bonus gear: Helm = 3 Midgear = 1 Accessories = 3*2 = 6 3+6+1 = 10

1: Resistance / HP

Top Head Gear: Dex Valkyrie Helm [1] Card: Gibbet.

Mid Head Gear: Any slotted midgear with "+1 to all stats". Cards: Gibbet, Arc Angeling, Maya Purple

Lower Head Gear: Angel Wings

Body Armor: Sniping Suit [1] Cards: Marc, Ghostring

Weapon: Composite Bow [4] Cards: x3 Hydra and x1 Skeleton Worker


Weapon: Bow of Evil [2] Cards: x2 Hydra

Arrows: Poison, Stun, Mute, Cursed

Garment: Wool Scarf [1] Cards: Noxious, Raydric

Footgear: Tidal Shoes [1] Cards: Green Ferus, Firelock Soldier

Accessories: Two Bow Thimble [1]'s Cards: x2 Zerom card

2: MDEF. Everything is the same as up top except:

Lower Head Gear: Elemental Wings

Garment: Wool scarf [1] Card: Kapha

Footgear: Tidal shoes [1] Card: Megalith

Inefficient: Critical ASPD

This is a basic "click and point" build and hardly any skills are used. Okay for farming, bad for WOE/GVG.

How to Stat: High Dex High Agi Mid Vit Mid ~ high Luk

Suggested Gear: This is going to leave you with very low resistance so it's best to keep a low profile during PvP / WoE. Because Luk is involved, perfect dodge can be used to your advantage.

Top: ATK Valkyrie Helm [1] Card: Vanberk

Mid: Any slotted midgear with "+1 to all stats". Card: Vanberk

Lower: Red Butterfly Wings

Armor: Sniping Suit Cards: Marc, Evil Druid, Ghostring

Weapon: Composite Bow [4] Cards: x2 Hydra, x2 The Paper

Arrow: Sharp [+20 crit rate according to the script]

Garment: Wool scarf [1] Cards: Choco, Noxious, Raydric

Footgear: Tidal shoes [1] Card: Green Ferus, Firelock Soldier

Accessories: Two Bow Thimble [1]'s Cards: Yoyo, Zerom, Smokie

Inefficient: FA / Trapper

Best survivability, highest HP and SP, and high (but slow) DPS. This build is easy to use, but expensive to put together. This build is the best for a WoE defense, and high INT+DEX means more damage from the traps and Falcon Assault. Don't be afraid to get right in someones face and throw a couple traps at him, eh?

How to stat:

High DEX High INT Medium~High VIT Low AGI and STR for the animation delay and carrying supplies.

Suggested Gear:

Top: Dex Valkyrie Helm [1] Card: Gibbet, or any 10% element resist card

Mid: Any slotted with "+1 to all stats" Card: Same as above

Lower: Fairy Wings

Armor: Sniping Suit [1] Cards: Marc, Ghostring

Weapon: Combat Knife, Sword Breaker/Mail Breaker

Shield: Valkyrja's Shield [1] Card: Thara Frog

Garment: Wool Scarf [1] Cards: Noxious, raydric

Footgear: Tidal Shoes [1] Cards: Green Ferus, Firelock Soldier

Accessories: x2 Earring [1] -or- x2 Orlean Gloves [1] Cards: Hellion Revenant, Smokie

Extras: MvP Build

If you're like me and like to MvP with something other than an SG, Snipers are a pretty good DPS source. Using a similar build to the hybrid sniper, with some minor gear and stat swapping, a Sniper can MvP using the skill Beast Strafe. Beast Strafe is modded here so that it works on all races but demi-human. This build is pretty simple.

Before you read any further, I recommend you study up on the Beast Strafe skill.

Beast Strafe

It can be complicated at first glance, and a lot of people mistake the formula.

How to stat: Mid~High STR Mid AGI High DEX Low INT Mid VIT (Depending on Observation card)

Gear: Again it's similar to a Double Strafe build as Double Strafe is a key component in this setup. You'll want full damage mods, a +10 Orc Archer Bow + Steel Arrows, Element endows, stat foods, buffs, etc. Basically you'll want to go all out. The buff list can go on and on.

Double Strafe > Beast Strafe > grape juice/Sharp Shooting for the mobs.

IV. Tips and Tricks

Placing Traps under Players

This is a new recent change for eRO. You can now place traps directly under other players. Use this to your advantage.

Note: As of October 2009, this strategy is no longer applicable October 2009 Changelog

Arrow Shower and Trap Stacking

Moving traps with Arrow Shower is difficult, but when mastered it is a very useful tool in the PvP room. First of all, take note that traps are pushed two cells in any direction. It's pretty difficult to push traps at people who are moving around also.

The best thing to do is to ankle snare someone down, arrow shower a Sandman at them, and then stack traps. trapstack.jpg

The red arrow shows where you want to use Arrow Shower. The blue arrow will show the direction it will go in. So arrow shower ONE cell behind the trap. This will push the trap forward by TWO cells. Copy and paste until you have what traps you want stacked, and then arrow shower the stack of traps the same way.

Right after that, stack a bunch of Landmines or Claymores and let'em rip!

The Phantasmic Arrow

When someone uses Pneuma, or you just need to get them back without knocking them off screen, use Phantasmic Arrow! It doesn't consume ammo, and it doesn't take the elemental property of your arrows into consideration. This means if you're using poison arrows and they put on ED, by using PA you can still cast the poison status on them while causing damage.

Wind and Frozen Arrow

Enchanting the elemental property on your bow will override your arrows elemental property. So by using Frozen Arrows, you can freeze them as you attack while your attacks count as wind. So a Double Straffe will do double the damage when they get frozen. The problem with this strategy is that about 97% of the server uses Marc. Rarely will they take it off, but if they do it's usually for something like Ghostring.

V. End

Keep this in mind. Always keep your distance. Make the best use of your traps. Carry multiple bows if you use bows. Use stat food if you can. Remember, it's best to play the role of the defensive player. This isn't a class that runs up to people, smashes on a couple buttons, and then calls you a noob for dying to an overpowering skill. Snipers have finesse.