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HomunculusAI or simply AI is a special script that runs inside the Ragnarok Online Client and is used excusively for the Alchemist class.


The HomunculusAI is actually made out of a number of files. These files are necessary if a player plans to use a homunculus. Without these files, calling a homunculus will make the game receive an error and the player will be unable to play that certain character.

To find the necessary files, go to the folder where you have installed Ragnarok Online. There, you will find the AI folder. The folder should contain a number of files. The folder may also contain a USER_AI folder where a user-created script may be found. The files inside USER_AI are also necessary if the player plan to use the /hoai command which switches between the default AI and the user AI. Again, the game will receive an error and player will be unable to play that character.

The files inside the AI folder are under .lua format. These files can be opened by using Notepad or any other similar word processing program. Using those programs, a player may modify or even make a new AI from scratch. Alternatively, some AIs can be scripted through the use of another program, such as the case of MirAI. For guides on how to make AI, see HomuculusAI Commands.

Types of AI

There are many AI's currently out there. However, these seem to be the most popular.

  • Basic AI - Default AI that is often found when installing Ragnarok Online.
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  • MirAI - A popular AI that comes with a program that helps configure the AI.
  • RampageAI - Another popular AI but more complex to configure. It is currently discontinued but still workable.
  • Pharmacy Assist AI - An AI that was meant to aid in making potions. With the recent client updates, it is now obsolete.

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