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Beginner's Guide
Author: Hammy (Forum Link)

So you found EssenceRO and want to join the fun, but you have no idea where to begin... What stats should I use? Where should I level? How the heck do I autoloot? Wow, the last time I played RO, I don't remember any of this being here... Well, here's a guide to hopefully clear up most of the confusion and get you on your feet and running.


The 10 Commandments of RO – By Weggy and amended by Hammy

1. Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk

Remember that behind that graphic, there is a living and breathing person. Like you, he/she has feelings and deserves proper respect.

2. Thou Shalt Not Taketh Away One's Honor...and EXP

Do NOT kill steal. Kill stealing is attacking a monster another has already begun to attack. Please find your own monster, as the attacker only gets a portion of the normal experience. This is also referred to as helping or jamming.
Sometimes you'll see players follow an enemy, but always be a few seconds behind them. You'll see yourself doing it if you're lagging badly. LEAVE THEIR ENEMY ALONE! This is just as bad as kill stealing.
Exception to Commandment 2: It is okay to Kill Steal if someone asks for help, usually indicated by using that emote.
Exception 2 to Commandment 2: MVP monsters are free for all, so feel free to join in and whack 'em around a bit.

3. Thou Shalt Not Taketh One's Crap

Do NOT steal. Stealing is taking the items from a monster that you did not kill. If, after a guy kills something, and walks off without picking up the stuff, by all means take it. You'll find very often people leave Jellopies and other less valuable things lying around, so if you're a newbie, go ahead and take them. Always give them back if they ask for them though.

4. Thou Shalt Not Lag Down Servers with their "Jackass-ness"

Do NOT bot. There is a program(s), somewhere out there on the net, that will level your character automatically for you. All it does is loot and kill steal from honest players and take up bandwidth for real users. You are also violating EssenceRO's rules by using one.

5. Thou Shalt Not Be a l33t h4x0rz

Do NOT hack. This includes doing crazy stuff like duplicating items or zeny, or exploiting bugs in the program. All you are doing is hurting the economy, so in the end you are hurting yourself. Not to mention Tira will rollback the servers if people do dumb stuff like that.

6. Thou Shalt Respect the Services of Merchants

Before speaking with a discount merchant, please check to make sure you have enough zeny for the item you intend to purchase. Most offer 20 or 15 percent off, so the math is not difficult. Also, if you don't have the money, don't ask the merchant to sell you the item at a considerably lower price. Discount merchants don't make that much of a profit and none of them are willing to pay for part of your item out of their own pocket. Also, after you have agreed to purchase the item, you are bound by a verbal contract to buy it. Don't try to worm your way out.
About overcharge Merchants as well - don't bother to give them anything that sells for 6z or less, because you won't get any extra zeny that way. So just sell it yourself.

7. Thou Shalt Not Screw Other Merchants Over

Don't undercut other merchants. Undercutting is basically vending the same item another is for a cheaper price, in an effort to get more business for themselves. The other merchant will reduce his/her price and you'll reduce your's, etc and you'll wind up in a price war where you both end up losing. Vend things for the same price as everyone around you, unless they are selling things for a very, very high price.

8. Thou Shalt Not Beg Mercenaries of God for His Forgiveness

Acolytes are not your personal, walking red potion. Most will give you a heal or buffs if you ask nicely though. Asking nicely would be "If it's not too much trouble, could I have a heal?" or "Can you please buff me?". "HEAL PLZ" and "BUFF NOW" will not do. As I always tell people, if you're too lazy to even write out "please", you don't deserve a heal. If the Acolyte does heal or buff you, be sure and say thanks. Also, feel free to tip them. They also really like blue gems for their warps.
And please tip someone if they help you or if you hired a Blacksmith to forge.

9. Thou Shalt Not Be a Lazy Bum

Please don't beg for money. We all know novices are poor and you will be until around level 30. We all had to go through exactly what you did. So just be patient.

10. Thou Shalt Not Attempt to Steal From Thy Fellow Players

Don't scam and don't fall for scams. The less people that fall for them, the less scammers will do them! Popular scams are offering to "upgrade" your weapon for you, which you can just do yourself. Or, selling items for 1 digit more than usual. So a 100z item would become a 1100z or 1000z item, hoping no one would notice. Unfortunately, people are dumb enough to. Just remember, caveat emptor, and if something sounds way too good to be true, it probably is.

Downloading and Installing the Needed Software

First things first, you need to have everything installed and in working order before you can move on to anything else. Follow the Installation Guide for more information.

Getting Your Account in Order

Hooray you've gotten through installing and patching! Now on to registering your account. Head over to the EssenceRO Homepage and click on the EssenceRO Control Panel button located in the right hand menu. You'll see a big box that says “Click Here to Register”. After clicking the register button, you'll be sent to make your account. Fill in all the information and hit “Create”. Sweet, you now have a new account – make sure to write down or remember your username and password as you'll be using these all the time to log in. Wait a couple minutes for the registration to go through and then open up your game via the “EssenceRO.exe” file or the “EssenceRO Patcher.exe”. If you choose to open the game via the patcher, it will insure that you are always up to date on all EssenceRO files – I recommend this rather than using the normal game exe. It's one extra click to get into game, but you'll never have to worry about crashing because of your Essence files. Once you're at the login screen, type in your username and password and head on in to character creation.

Making a Character

Alright, time to put your face in the world. Create a basic idea of how you want yourself to look (note that you can change this later by a significant degree – See NPC's). Now, because EssenceRO is kind enough to start you off with a backpack that gives you a chance to make zeny and get orange potions for each kill, you're going to want to start out your stats with a basic fighter build – NO MATTER WHAT CLASS YOU INTEND TO BE. Why? Skills are disabled at the Cowring map (you'll read more about these in the next section) and you're going to want to kill as many as you can in the shortest amount of time possible – quick leveling for the win! Also because money is easier to come by with your backpack, you can simply change your stats after you're done with Cowrings and you're ready to move out into the world. So, for the sake of ease, max out your stat points in agility, dexterity, and strength and make that knife worth it! (You can find a guide describing what these stats do in Resources.)


Cowrings, oh yes, Cowrings

Cowrings are awesome. Not only do they drop a Cowring Hat that will help you level quicker till you rebirth at 99, but they swarm around you so you don't even have to move far to kill bunches! As soon as you create your character and enter the game, you'll be on “Newbie Island” surrounded by a bunch of cow spotted porings. First things first, type “@al 99” into your text bar and hit enter. This will allow you to autoloot everything that falls at 99% or below. Why 99%? Why wouldn't I want to get everything I can? Well, a Cowring is a Poring and they love to eat. They gulp up everything that falls onto the ground and swarm around it. Milk falls at 100% from a Cowring, but because you're looting at 99%, the milk will fall to the ground at your feet and other Cowrings will come racing toward you to gulp it up. Nifty, eh? Kill 3 Cowrings and you'll be high enough level to become your first class (unless you're becoming a SuperNovice and in that case keep on killing Cowrings till you reach base level 40). You need 10 job levels to change your class. Talk to the EssenceRO Welcome NPC jamming out on the island and she'll tell you about EssenceRO, our capital of Old Payon (@go 25), and warp you there to see the craziness.



Okie dokie, you're in Old Payon, surrounded by people running everywhere and bunches of NPCs. But...what does everything do? Essential NPCs first!

  1. Essence Kafra
  2. Essence Warper
  3. Job Master
  4. Reset Girl
  5. Tool Shop
  6. Healer

These are the NPCs we're going to need right away!


  1. The Essence Kafra can do many things for you. Identify your items, uncard your equipment, save your respawn point (where you pop back to after you die), refine your equipment, repair, you get the idea. She can also covert your zeny to coins for easy storage and transfer between characters. The more you use her services, the more likely she is to give you a gift for your repeated business. Now's a good time to save your respawn here in Old Payon – note that you can change it to another town at any time.
  2. The Essence Warper is awesome. You save so much time and money warping directly to the map you want to go to instead of fly winging your way around. You have the option to type in the map name (which is useful because if you die or warp elsewhere, you can type “L” and go right back to the last map you typed), or you can scroll through the list of fields, dungeons, and towns to pick the place you like. Later on when there's maps you visit frequently, you can set up your favorite warps list so you don't need to type or search!
  3. The Job Master simply makes life easier. No need for job change quests; all you have to do is ask for it. Not much need for explanation on this one.
  4. The Reset Girl will be important later on when you realize you want to be more effective by changing your stats a different way or swapping some skills for others. It also fixes the “oops, I didn't mean to do that” problem. If you're anything but an agility build, you're also going to need it when you're done with Cowrings. Fear not, it's cheap! I did say that backpack was going to be useful in gaining some zeny. wink.gif
  5. Because you're young and don't have much money, you're going to need to buy a magnifier from the Tool Shop. Yes, the Kafra can identify items for you, but at 100 zeny per item. A magnifier from the Tool Shop will cost you 40 and you'll get to choose specifically what item you want identified. You'll need that magnifier to identify your Cowring Hat so you can use it. More experience with less work, woo! If you haven't gotten one yet, don't worry...hold onto that magnifier, you'll be heading back soon.
  6. The Healer isn't so important now, but will be much later on. The ability to warp back to town and have yourself healed to full health and sp will be wonderful. Guess what? He also cures your status ailments such as curse and more. And yes, the healer is a dog.

The rest of the NPCs are also very important, but I'm not going to go into major detail on them seeing as they're all pretty self-explanatory. You know you're going to want to visit the Stylist to make your look more unique and if you're a merchant, that cart from Universal Rental will come in handy. You can find many of these NPC's in different towns on EssenceRO, but Old Payon is guaranteed to have them all.

@commands and /help

These are probably very confusing to most people who have never played on an RO private server or just haven't played in a while. They're often forgotten and overlooked. Well, no more! By typing either of the above into your text bar, you will receive a list of commands that are available to you. Note that /help will be a huuuuuge list to look through, but it still may help you find what you're looking for. @commands are unique to the server running them. EssenceRO contains a list of 45 commands, some of which are just shortened versions of their longer name. For example, earlier we used the command @al 99. This is actually the @autoloot command shortened down to @al. The number after the command refers to the percent we want to pick up loot. Say we're only looking for a card and we don't want to be bothered with picking up anything else. We can simply set our autoloot to 1 and we'll only pick up the very rare drops at 1% or below.

Now, some very important @commands that you'll be using constantly are:

1. @go
2. @s or @storage
3. @al or @autoloot
4. @mi or @mobinfo
5. @whodrops
1. If you type @go you'll receive a list of towns you can warp to directly. By simply typing @go prontera or @go 0, you'll be able to warp to Prontera from anywhere in EssenceRO. Quick and easy.
2. You know you're going to get overburdened or that you'll want to hold onto certain items and equipment for later. At 75% capacity, you stop normally recovering hp and sp. Maybe you want to stock up on awakening potions and fly wings and keep bunches of them in your storage so you don't have to buy them all the time. By using @s or @storage, you can access your storage at any time from anywhere with a few exceptions (ie. the Survival event). I think you can understand how useful that is. wink.gif
3. @al or @autoloot I've already used as an example earlier. It picks up your loot for you so you don't have to bend over and try to beat out the monster that's looting all your drops. Place a number after the command that sets the percent or leave it blank to set it at 100%. Typing the command when it's already active will turn it off.
4. @mi or @mobinfo can be used to quickly get information on a certain monster in game as well as what they drop and at what percent. It will tell you what element type it is so you know what to defend against and what type of damage to take to the battle.
5. Ahh @whodrops. Many people forget about this handy command. Say you need a certain item for a quest or you want a specific piece of equipment. Typing @whodrops <item> will give you the top 5 monsters that drop your item at the highest percent. For example, say you're looking for a slotted coat. You'd type @whodrops coat and you'd get back a list of monsters that drop not only Coat[1] but also Coat[0], Mink and Mage Coats. If you want to be more specific, you can use the @ii or @iteminfo command and track down the Item ID # for what you're looking for or you can glance at RateMyServer. I'll be describing the use of both these options in my vending and resources sections.

As for the slash commands, so many are used that it's hard to narrow them down. The few commands most people forget are those dealing with parties. If you want to create a party, you first need to /organize <partyname> to form the party, choose its settings, and assign it a name. All that needs to be done after that is to right-click on the person you want to invite and choose to invite them to the party. In the party window, make sure that the settings are still how you want them to be (xp sharing usually resets) and now you can venture out easily together. When you want to leave your party, simply use /leave. Other slash commands can be found by using /help. Good luck!

Basic Leveling

(Note – there are many many many other ways to level up that may be quicker or more efficient for you. 
This is just my way  of doing things when I start up a character. 
Check out class-specific guides that may give you a better idea on where you should go instead.)

Alrighty, you're standing in Old Payon, looking like a newbie and wondering when I'll get on with it. You've gained your 10 job levels, but can't figure out why the Job Master isn't letting you change. Well, you need to spend your points! In your main status window, you have several buttons that lead to different things like your Equipment, your Skills, and your Stats. Note that every one of these areas can be accessed by keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are far superior to opening up your status window and clicking on buttons, right? So hit ALT+S and up pops your Skills window. Ah ha! I need to spend all my skill points before I can change jobs. At this point, you only have Basic Skills, so up that to 9 (the highest you can go) and talk to the Job Master. Now that you've picked your job, we're going to hit ALT+A and open up your Stats window. You should have some unspent points from the levels you've already gained, congrats! Since we're going to be resetting your skills later, let's put these points into more agility and strength since the faster we kill these Cowrings, the better.

Time to @go 15! Boom! You're back on Newbie Island surrounded by Cowrings again. Kill kill kill! Make sure you have gotten your Cowring Hat, identified it, and are wearing it as soon as possible. Once you've racked up some skill points, make sure that you apply them into what you're interested in doing. If you're a mage or acolyte, chances are you're not going to want to stay on this map long. You can kill other monsters much quicker and easier with spells than meleeing these guys like crazy. Also, if you have a different build planned, remember to reset your stats at the Reset Girl. Acolytes, get yourself the skill Heal, head on over to Payon Dungeon, and heal those undead to well, death. Mages, grab yourself some Soul Strike and let's all head on over to...

Mukas! Okay, you're sick and tired of Cowrings, you're not getting much experience anymore and you're starting to think I'm a bit whacked for sending you back there. You've ranked up a good 25+ job levels and you're ready for something different. If you haven't purchased yourself a new weapon, look into getting something better than the knife you're holding. You can find weapon shops in many towns and depending on your class, certain towns will have a better variety for you. (Check out the NPC merchant listing in the Resources section.) Type @go 25, heal yourself if you're hurt, and click on the Essence Warper. Choose the option to type your destination and go to moc_fild18 or you can browse through the list to Fields->Morroc->Sograt Desert (Field 18). Why Mukas? Well, they rarely hit you if you have at least 30 agility, they have low defense so you can hit them even with little dexterity, and you can fly through them like nobody's business. They also drop Guisarmes that sell for 6,500 each. Make sure you have a couple fly wings on you (in case you run into the Hunter Fly on the map) and just wail on Mukas till you can't take it anymore. Then? Keep heading to the map on your right. Hodes on moc_fild17 (1 right of Mukas) will provide a bit more experience and increasing even more slightly are Sandmen on moc_fild16 (2 right of Mukas). So when you think you're ready to upgrade, move right. Doing this, you should be able to get to job level 40-50 pretty easily so you can change jobs.


Now, to keep this guide fairly beginner specific, I unfortunately can't go into detail on how you should place your stats, 
where your job skills should go, what's the best place for your class to hunt, etc. 
Please check out the Resources section of this guide for more information on where you can find class specific guides!

Vends and How to Use Them

Can't seem to get the Zipper Bear to drop his card no matter how many thousand you kill? Not quite strong enough to kill that Grand Peco so you can get your Black Leather Boots? Well, maybe a vendor has what you need! But how do you find it? Here on EssenceRO we have a sweet command called @ss or @shopsearch. It allows us to search through all the human vendors on the server so we can find what we're looking for. In order to use it correctly, you either need to find the Item ID# or type the exact name of the item with underscores and everything. So, to keep things simple, use the Item ID#.

Say you're looking for that Zipper Bear Card. In game, go to your text box and type @ii zipper bear card. You'll see information about the item and the Item ID# will be in parenthesis after the name. So in our example, the card would be item number 4281. Now you can shorten your request by typing @ii zipper for example. This still only pops up our zipper bear card since no other item has a name that starts with zipper. Typing @ii gold on the other hand won't even warrant you the item you're looking for if you just want the id for simple gold! In rare cases like these, it's easier to find the ID# by using RateMyServer. Type your item into the item search box and scroll till you find what you're looking for.

Once you've found your ID#, go back into game and use the @ss command. Going back to our earlier example, I want that zipper bear card. I'll use @ss 4281. Hey look, there's someone selling one for 500,000 zeny in Old Payon with the coordinates of 95,155. Score! Use the /where command in your text field to narrow down where they're located, click on their shop and buy! When using coordinates, remember that 0,0 is the bottom left hand corner. Using x, y - the x is the horizontal coordinate and the y is the vertical.

There's two other things to mention regarding this topic. One of them is the command /shopping. What it does is make your life easier if you want to browse the shops. You can open a shop with one left click and close it with a right click. The other is broadcast. Broadcast can be used for many many things, but try not to abuse it! Please check out B> S> T> and A> for a guide based on what certain abbreviations mean and how to use them! Broadcast can also be used to help find parties, ask questions, find gm's, etc. Once again, try not to abuse it. Each broadcast costs 50 scells which if not farmed, can be bought at the Item Shop.


EssenceRO has loads of custom quests and equipment as well as including all the quests already put out by kRO. No, this is not a guide to tell you where all of them are. RateMyServer is an awesome resource for official quests. Here you can find quest information for platinum job skills, headgears, and mixing. Located on the EssenceRO Wiki are hints to the Server Customs. Ratemyserver and @whodrops are awesome tools once you find the list of ingredients you'll need. Remember that certain things drop on the server that do not normally drop on kRO – use @whodrops to double-check and make sure.


Nothing in the RO universe is static and many things change. Leveling becomes more difficult and finding what you need becomes a hassle. If you have questions, and you will, you have to know where to go and who to ask in order to get them answered. These are some of the best resources I have come by and use constantly.

  • RateMyServer – Need information on cards? Equips? Monsters? You name it, it's probably in there. This site has one of the best databases I've ever seen for RO and the easiest search tools available. It also lists equipment and card combos.
  • Google – Yup, you heard it right. Many quests aren't available on Ratemyserver and many how's and to's of RO cannot be found at a glance. Searching for Ragnarok + whatever you're looking for on Google is one of your best options for finding answers that you can't find anywhere else.
  • Forums! – The EssenceRO forums are a great place to find information and help. Having technical problems, want to report a botter, join a guild, sell something you can't manage to sell in game? It's all there. Including other guides like this one, which will help you do whatever you want to do.
  • Class and Beginner Guides – Many different guides are found all over the web, but two stand out in particular: Neoseeker and GameFAQs. Each of these have guides that cover many topics including several on classes. The best Beginner's Guide I've seen is this one by Weggy. It literally covers everything – more than I could ever hope to cover in this guide. Abbreviations, skill definitions, basic classes, stat descriptions, you name it. And most importantly, the 10 Commandments of RO. For other great guides out there, try searching Google for Ragnarok + class name or looking through the EssenceRO forums. Also remember that guides are written by players like me. We make mistakes; don't trust every word you read in a guide as law.
  • NPC Shop List – Lord Disa compiled all the shops in the game back in 2005 and listed what each of them sells. I have not found an updated version yet. Use CTRL-F to find where your item is sold.
  • GMs and Community – Probably your greatest resource. No one knows this game better than those who play it, manage it, and script it. Ask on broadcast, post a question in the forums, or kindly and patiently question people you come across in game. Use people skills, don't spam and don't get angry. Keep in mind that some problems and questions are hard to get answered.


I'd like to thank those random priests who were buffing me while making the guide. I'd most importantly like to thank my boyfriend, Trick, for reading through all this and helping me fill in some blanks. Thank you to any who contribute to this guide by adding more to the thread since I know I could never cover it all. Thanks also to Legendary92 who requested this as I definitely wouldn't have attempted it otherwise.